Logistics Challenge to Bangladeshi E-Commerce Organization

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E-Commerce is a rising field in Bangladesh. I currently wrote a write-up about its development and also the future of this sector. It’s expanding at a remarkable rate and many people are considering this set of the most fastest-growing sector in Bangladesh. Great deals of companies are already developed and supplying so far the best e-commerce experience to the people of Bangladesh. However, I already told you in my various other articles that there are great deals of difficulties to shopping. Logistics is among the biggest obstacle to Bangladeshi e-commerce.

This is additionally a bottom line to make shopping successful. And especially in our South Asia continent for example India, Indonesia it’s still an essential difficulty. We are not alone to face it.

Bangladesh & It’s eCommerce Sector

Bangladesh is among the fastest expanding economic climates worldwide, according to World Financial institution. Individuals are extra capable to invest money along with gaining ability likewise boosted. It’s a good indication that’s the key metric to any type of nation. Bangladeshi people are living under a future desire for Digital Bangladesh as well as the present government dreams to implement it.

E-Commerce is not new in Bangladesh. If I can remember, the journey of eCommerce began in Bangladesh in the last 10/12 years. But just really a couple of individuals living in Dhaka city can join on the internet purchasing. Today the situation changed. People are now familiar to buy services or products online. There are many obstacles in this e-commerce sector. However logistics among the largest obstacle to Bangladeshi shopping services.

The number of unbanked individuals is lowering. Thanks to bKash and other fin-Tech campaigns in Bangladesh. People currently know what’s electronic. Most people currently making use of the smartphone, they are utilizing messaging service, social media as well as other online services. It’s not a lie. It’s the truth.

So according to the total experience as a Bangladeshi, e-commerce is just one of the growing markets in Bangladesh and it’s proliferating.

Logistics in Ecommerce Organization

When they require those products in time, it’s the full procedure of obtaining items from the merchant as well as supply the products or service to the customer. That’s why it’s a key element to e-commerce business along within another sector. Your service will be affected hard by that weakness and you can not refute it if your logistics has a weak point.

Additionally, logistics is not an on/off button. It’s a “process” that you require to craft to make it excellent and also effective. Efficient logistics sustain can boost your total business especially in the e-commerce market. So consider it a challenge to Bangladeshi shopping.

Online purchasing procedures must be very straightforward. For instance, a client wants to buy 1 kg of beef from an on-line store. Because they do not have time in their hand to head to market. Ok. And they need it within 1 hr in their home so his other half can prepare them and offer for their lunch.

Yet after they place the order. What should happen? E-Commerce website authority ought to accumulate the beef from the vendor and also provide that to the customer in a prompt manner as very early as feasible. If they stop working, the client’s family members can’t have lunch keeping that beef. So following time they will not purchase from on-line any longer. It will inhibit them to participate in the shopping economy.

Why it’s difficult for Bangladeshi e-commerce?

There are lots of challenges in this e-commerce industry in Bangladesh. However why I am discussing concerning logistics here? Due to the fact that it is among the major difficulties in Bangladesh’s e-commerce industry. Allow’s see why.

Bangladeshi e-commerce


Transportation was a significant problem in Bangladesh not just currently yet for so many years and governments are working hard to address this nationwide trouble. Unplanned roads, a lot of personal automobiles, no strict rules in driving, and also vehicle movement. To go from one area to another in a lot of the booming city takes hrs and hours time.

For the businesses, it’s hard to run as well as fulfill the timeline for their delivery as well as the delivery estimated period for the customer. Transportation is one more crucial element of logistical challenges to Bangladeshi shopping.



One more major issue is warehousing. To rent or build a warehouse in any of the significant city shopping business needs to spend lots of money as well as to find a suitable area is difficult. If any shopping businesses can build numerous storage facilities based upon their client’s demographic place, they can fix this issue quicker.

However, e-commerce businesses do not wish to spend cash due to the fact that they are refraining so much revenue to take the money from. So up until they reach their anticipated profit threshold they can not risk their money by renting or constructing storage facilities in the city.

Absence of 3rd party logistics solution

E-Commerce is expanding now as well as the demands of the logistics center is increasing quickly. In this situation, there are lots of eCommerce services that have begun their operation however there isn’t much 3rd party logistics solution offered in Bangladesh. Lots of businesses are attempting to open their logistics services soon.

In this instance either the e-commerce companies need to establish their own logistics issue or they require to rely on 3rd party carrier services or transportation service. By doing this the majority of the shopping businesses can’t operate their company to meet the customer’s fulfillment.

Final thought

It’s not a surprising fact about all the obstacles to the Bangladeshi eCommerce industry. It’s time to act initially to sustain this market and also let the eCommerce businesses to concentrate on their end-users complete satisfaction. I directly think that making a service logistics friendly environment can assist e-commerce services to conquer these sorts of a crucial obstacle to the Bangladeshi e-commerce market. It’s expanding and also let’s assist it to end up being grown.