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A Quick Look on Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

It has been almost a year since talk about Google’s release of their mobile-first indexing system and they finally announced that the platform is now being implemented, but what is mobile-first indexing and how will it affect website owners and end-users alike? Let’s take a sneak peak on what the system brings to the table.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

In the simplest of terms, mobile-first indexing is a system or platform that forces a website searched on a mobile device to automatically redirected to the website’s mobile version. There are multiple reasons behind this as well like, data allocation, loading time, and cheaper transmission costs. With the ease of access to the internet through mobile devices more accessible than ever before, the amount of data being transferred to mobile devices compared to their desktop and notebook counterparts are steadily increasing. Which means a lot of unnecessary data which the desktop versions preload are also being preloaded on the mobile devices. Continue reading A Quick Look on Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

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