Ten Easy Steps to Get Low and Medium Competition Keywords in Google rank #1

A keyword is the most important term used in the search engine optimization process because it reaches people quickly. It is a phrase that includes two or more words that best describe the contents of a website in search engines. In fact, it is a shortcut that plays an important role in summing up the details of an entire page that help to get more visibility. The keywords will enhance the functions of a website in search engines thereby helping to achieve better results.

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Nowadays, a majority of people search the internet when buying a new product or service in order to save more time. Therefore, it is necessary to target them with the right keywords for increasing sales. Another thing is they contribute more to implement SEO marketing campaigns accordingly to ensure high success rates. It is an important one to choose keywords that are highly relevant to a website as well as the audience. Finding the best keywords need great efforts but the basics are very easy to understand. Keyword research is necessary for exploring the words or phrases which ultimately optimize a website’s content in search engines.

What is the keyword competition?

Keyword competition is a process to understand how it is difficult to rank a webpage in Google’s top 10 pages with a chosen keyword. Since the competition keywords involve a lot of factors, it is necessary to know more about them in detail. Keywords with low and medium competition will help to divert more traffic to a website easily which results in many advantages.

How to get low and medium competition SEO keywords?

1. Google Trends & Google Webmaster Tool

google webmaster tool trend

Once you add google webmaster tool with your website it will be easy to track which keywords are getting rank on google.

webmaster tool

Google Trends enables users to find keywords and phrases which are popular over a specific period of time. Moreover, it gives ways to analyze website traffic across various regions and languages accurately. The online search tool is a suitable one for viewing a chart of topics to know whether there is any market for a category or not. In addition, the data available from the tool allows users to plan their content calendar that can help to get better results.

2. Google keyword planner

google keywords planner

Google keyword planner is another tool that gives ways to analyze search volumes easily. In addition, the tool makes feasible ways for finding keywords are having high search volumes with low competition. Moreover, it helps to evaluate the opportunities missed by large companies in the SEO process that will grow a business to a large extent.

3. Checking the prominence of social shares

social shares buzzsumo

Social shares play an important role in determining the popularity of a web page. There are some tools available for searching content that has the most shares with a particular keyword phrase or topic. They even give ways for knowing the interests of the target audience that can help to create relevant content accordingly. I suggest using Buzzsumo.

4. Carrying out “in anchor” and “in title search”

anchor and tittle

The “inanchor” search command enables users to know how many websites have the keyword as anchor text which points to a website while launching an SEO campaigning. “Intitle search” gives ways to know the number of websites that have a keyword in the title tag. Both of them will help to get ideas about the competition levels accurately to make a better decision. Another thing is that they even allow users to know the website that has a keyword in the URL.

5. Evaluating the top websites for a keyword

buzzsumo social tool

It is an important one to evaluate the top 10 websites on page 1 of Google after choosing a keyword that has good search volumes with low and medium competition. In addition, it allows users to plan strategies that work well for SEO campaigns. Users can even analyze the strength of the top 10 competitors which give ways to choose the keywords that suit a business.

6. Analyzing the on-page optimization of each site

page meta information

The best way to finding the top 10 results in Google 1st page is to type the selected keyword that has low and medium competition. One can go to the home page of each site to click the “view source” option. This, in turn, gives ways to view the on-page optimization with the following details.

• Title tag which has a keyword at the beginning

• A description tag that contains a keyword

• H1 tags with a keyword

• Domains and the URLs

7. Evaluating the backlinks of each site

authority backlinks

Backlinks in a website provide ways to enhance the ranks in search engines. Therefore, it is a wise one to have a look at the backlinks of the top 10 results shown in Google’s first page. Users can type the domain name on popular tools to know the number of backlinks on each website. Also, they should ascertain the age of a domain with more attention.

8. Content quality

content quality

Content is a king in SEO that determines the rank of a website in search engines. It is necessary to examine the content which ranks in the top 10 results after selecting a keyword. Users should check the content with certain tools that can help to know how it works the best in search engine page results.

9. Checking the ranks of keywords in Google

checking keywords ranking in google

The primary objective of SEO is to improve the ranks of a website in major search engines with targeted keywords. Anyone who wants to enhance their website visibility should confirm the ranks of a keyword that has low and medium competition. They can search for the phrases in Google that helps to get more ideas about the positions in detail. Along with that, it gives ways to see the usage of a phrase on a webpage to know whether it was optimized or not.

10. Focusing more on semantics

focusing keywords

Google pays more attention to semantics rather than using letters with strings. The Semantic search involves choosing a phrase based on certain queries of users while they type a keyword in search engines. Most semantic keywords have high click-through rates and relevance that can help to target the audience in SEO effectively. Moreover, they have low and medium competition which pave ways to ensure better rankings in search engines.