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We can observe that WordPress is dominating the list and movable type comes at the second. Others are considered as characteristics of jobbies or modicum of other platforms. Here is a list of for your application:

Here are top 100 blogs

WordPress –                  34

Movable Type –  16

Custom CMS –               11

Blog smith/Weblogs –   8

Gawker CMS –                8

TypePad –                        7

Blogger/Blogspot –        6

Drupal –                           5

Plone –                             1

Scoop –                            1

Expression Engine –       1

Community Server –      1

City Desk (Fog Creek) –  1

Here’s the complete list of  Top 100 Most Linked-to Blogs:

  1. Engadget– It is a multilingual blog and is one of the best blogs of 2010. It covers a wide variety of gadgets and electronics.
  2. Gizmodo– It is the website of technology, design and science fiction, and futurism.
  3. Techcrunch– It is a website reporting on the business of startup and technology.
  4. Huffington post- It is an American news blog that offers news, blogs, and satire. It is a blog posting forum and several posts.
  5. Boing boing– It is blog posting forums and several posts.
  6. Lifehacker- It is a blog helping you to do everything in a better way by offering certain tricks and tips.
  7. Ars Technica– It is a blog giving you the IT news, reviews, and analysis.
  8. Mashable- It is a platform offering you entertainment, science, and culture good digital media.
  9. Blog di Beppe Grillo- It is a blog of Italian comedian, politician, and actor.
  10. icanhascheezburger- It is a blog posting funny posts about animals, animal gifs.
  11. Daily Kos- It is the blog that is moving in solidarity with the black community.
  12. TMZ Entertainment– It is the largest blog where you can get the post of entertainment and celebrities.
  13. Perez Hilton- It is an American blogger who posts gossip about celebrities.
  14. PostSecret- It is a blog where you can get the mails from around the world.
  15. Seth Godin- It is an American author’s blog on marketing.
  16. ReadWriteWeb- It is the blog of things related to marketing and customer service.
  17. ProBlogger- It is a blog for bloggers who need to create their blogs and can guide them in a good way.
  18. Official Google Blog- It is a blog created to make things simpler for people by posting the news quickly.
  19. TreeHugger- It is a site offering you advice for green living and eco-savvy.
  20. Smashing Magazine- It is a site for developers and designers.
  21. Kotaku, Gamer’s Guide- It is a blog giving you advice on gaming.
  22. Gigazine- It is a blog giving you instructions on how to read the blogs.
  23. Dosh Dosh- It is a blog online to offline marketing blog helping you to engage in this.
  24. Copy Blogger- It is a blog where you can get podcasts and training by certified writers.
  25. Think progress- It is a blog of American progress action funds.
  26. The Consumerist- It is a nonprofit website for consumers to get the content by good writers.
  27. Valleywag- It is a news blog.
  28. GigaOM- It is a site offering you the analysis, research, emerging technologies and so much more.
  29. Shoe Money- It is a blog giving you the skills you pay the bills.
  30. Crooks and Liars- It is a news blog focusing on political news.
  31. Scobleizer- It is an American blogger whose famous blog is Scoble.
  32. Atomica- It is a blog that is designed for capital providers and developers.
  33. TUaW – Unofficial Apple Blog- It is an unofficial blog of apple.
  34. uthink- It is a site where you can ask questions related to anything.
  1. Gawker- It is a blog where you can get the news of Manhattan daily.
  2. Search Engine Land- It is a blog posting the latest news regularly.
  3. Joystiq- It is a video gaming blog.
  4. a List apart- It is a blog for a creative culture that discovers design development and web content.
  5. Drudge Report- It is a website where you can aggregate news.
  6. Talking points Memo- It is a political and news blog.
  7. Neatorama- You can get neat and wonderful stuff from the whole world here.
  8. O’Reilly Radar- It is a blog where you can know the trends of business and technology.
  9. Threat Level- Wired- It is a wired classic blog.
  10. How to Change the World- It is a practical blog for impractical people.
  11. Microsiervos- It is a Spanish blog.
  12. it is a blog giving you compatible and practical knowledge about health.
  13. Dooce- It is a blog for mommies.
  14. Engadget Japanese- It is a multilingual technology blog.
  15. Zen Habits- It is a life-changing blog giving you the perfect tips for life.
  16. Blogoscoped (unofficial Google)- It is a daily blog that covers technology and search.
  17. Autoblog- It is a blog for automobile reviews and advice.
  18. It is a site offering you the top stories, live updates, and speech highlights.
  19. Xiaxue- It is a blog of Singaporean blogger posting about her life.
  20. 43 Folders- It is a blog for time, creative work, and attention.
  21. Download Squad- It is a prominent blog for the sudden shutdown.
  22. The Daily Dish/Andrew Sullivan- It is a blog of British American bloggers and posts about politics.
  23. ancora Imparo- It is a blog of an in-process blogger and teaches you to face every challenge.
  24. Secret Diary of Steve Jobs- It is a blog where you can read the posts about life.
  25. It is a website about online training and nutrition advice.
  26. Jauhari- It is a website where you can find updated Blog, Informasi, Tips & Trik, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Hiburan, Drama Korea, Artis Korea.
  27. Google Operating System blog- It is a blog where you get unofficial news about google.
  28. No scope- It is a blog giving you the deep learning queries videos.
  29. Matt Cutts- It is a blog regarding google, gadgets, and SEO.
  30. The Superficial- It is a website telling you about the celebrities’ gossip.
  31. The Corner/National Review-  It is a news blog featuring conservative commentary & debate on politics, culture, current events, and breaking news.
  32. The Sartorialist- It is a blog of American blogger and is a fashion blog.
  33. Dead spin- It is a blog giving you the news about recent sports.
  34. It is an online site for handbags and clutches.
  35. Hot air- It is an American conservative blog.
  36. It is a Chinese blog with high feature documentary films.
  37. SEOBook- It is a blog for everyday habits that you should inculcate.
  38. Crunch gear- It is a blog posting about gadgets and computer hardware.
  39. Freakonomics NYTimes- It is a blog of non-fiction books.
  40. Vacuous Virtuoso- It is a blog of a prose writer.
  41. SlashFilm- It is a blog where you can get reviews of recent tv shows and movies.
  42. Stereogum- It is a music blog.
  43. Gothamist- It is a blog giving you the news of the art and events of New York City.
  44. Fanhouse AOL Sports- It is a site where you can get the posts related to the sports.
  45. TorrentFreak- It is the blog where you can get the news related to filesharing.
  46. Joel on Software- It is a blog where you can get the posts about software and companies of software.
  47. Dlisted- It is a celebrity gossip blog.
  48. Instapundit- It is a blog of a law professor.
  49. Make Blog- It is a blog teaching you how to make your blog.
  50. podbean FAQ- It is a giveaway blog.
  51. Coding Horror- It is a blog on programming and human factors.
  52. incorporated subversion- It is Australian James Farmer’s online learning weblog.
  53. podbean News- It is a blog posting podcasts and business-related things.
  54. Jalopnik- It is a blog giving you the posts about jeep grand Wagoneer
  55. Global Voices Online- It is an international and multilingual blog.
  56. Yanko Design- It is a magazine related blog.
  57. Go Fug Yourself- It is a fashion blog and TV recaps.
  58. Mac Rumours- It is a blog for apple users.
  59. Techdirt- It is an American blog about technology.
  60. Gadget Lab- It is a blog related to new trends in gadgets.
  61. Meta Filter- It is a general interest community blog.
  62. Bad Behavior- It is Mary Gaitskill’s tales of desire and dislocation.
  63. Little Green Footballs- It is a blog about news, culture, music, and all.
  64. Dilbert Blog- It is a comic strip blog.
  65. Crave |Cnet- It is a blog related to reviews on iPhone and electronic gadgets.
  66. Daring Fireball- It is a politics blog where it hires conservative politicians to post.