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Top Software Companies

Top Software company

Top Software company

The software report has released the software companies of 2020 and offers impactful and important solutions to software for businesses around the world. They connect a variety of functionality from business intelligence and data analytics to sales enablement, security, and workflow tools. Here are the top software companies:

  1. Salesforce

It is one of the credible customer relationship management platforms around the world and was created to get rid of the load from physical software and negligently launched software as a service in the method.

  1. Workday

To break the chains of the physical servers and instead make the cloud-based future this software was released which is known as a workday. This software is based on subscription enterprise software.

  1. ServiceNow

It is an IT service management and is the quickest growing company in the field of enterprise software operations.

  1. Akamai

Akamai is a cloud computing software and is a Boston area company that has an upgraded level of cloud services.

  1. Zoho

It is a customer relationship management software that encompasses all the enterprise works.

  1. Tableau

It comes under the category of data analytics and visualization. The prime component of this software is business intelligence to ensure the success of the company.

  1. Splunk

It is the core software for reckoning in data analysis. It can enhance navigation real-time visibility and analytical reporting which helps in creating the tool easy and useful for use.

  1. Cvent

It is an event management software that combines with the major video conferencing platforms.

  1. Veeam

Veeam is a software-based on data management and backup with cloud-based technology and multi-cloud storage apps.

  1. Atlassian

It is a software-based on project management. It offers bug tracking too with extra features such as IT and incident management.

  1. DocuSign

It is a software that is based on electronic agreement management and has a cloud platform.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is working on cloud storage and management with enhanced characteristics.

  1. Veeva systems

This system is utilized for life sciences data management with the SaaS cloud computing system.

  1. Proofpoint

Proofpoint is a cybersecurity software that safeguards the networks which are near us or far too.

  1. Cornerstone

This software deals with human capital management and helps people to achieve anything they wish to.

  1. Qualtrics

It is an experience management software that helps in upgrading the fields of business interactions.

  1. New relic

It is an industry that is working based on the cloud and is an app performance monitoring.

  1. Okta

This software is used in identity management and consists of a single sign-on platform.

  1. Intralinks

It is used for providing solutions to financial problems through the utilization of data management.

  1. MuleSoft

It is the company of SaaS and is known for selling the integration software.

  1. Freshworks

Freshworks is a customer engagement software that aids businesses to get connected to various platforms.

  1. Slack

It is a business communication software that utilizes internet relay chat.

  1. Twilio

It is a cloud communication-based software which includes receiving and sending text messages.

  1. Anaplan

This software comes in the category of cloud-based planning of businesses and offers data to make better decisions.

  1. Stripe

Stripe is based on financial services and helps businesses to receive payments from around the world.

  1. Workfront

It is a project management software that helps businesses to create web-based management.

  1. Smartsheet

 It focuses on work management and tracks tasks, projects, and documents. Tasks are given at the spreadsheet interface.

  1. Zuora

It is a software of subscription management that offers services based on this only like automated billing and collections.

  1. OutSystems

It is an app development and management which offers a low code platform with web enterprise apps.

  1. Coupa

It is a business spend management software which aids the big companies to track and control the resources.

  1. Cylance

 This software focuses on antivirus development and increases the security of computers.

  1. Elastic

Elastic NV creates SaaS solutions for search, logging, analytics usage, and security.

  1. Zoom

It is for business communications which provides video telephony and online chat facility for education, business, etc.

  1. SailPoint

This is a software which deals with cybersecurity and a safe identity platform.

It is a financial process software which is created to automate financial close processes.

  1. ICIMS

It is a talent acquisition software that is an excellent HR cloud platform.

  1. Digitate

It is an IT automation software company that uses AI for upgrading the scale and speed of the company.

  1. Intercom

It is a conversational relationship program which has created communication channels between online businesses and clients.

  1. InVision

It is a company that has software for digital product design and is a platform where digital products can be created.

  1. Datadog

It is an IT monitoring software that makes the system less complex and efficient to use.

  1. Qualys

It is a cloud security software company that is a superior provider of cloud-based solutions.

  1. Kareo

It is a company that has the software of medical practice management and is used by hospitals to make their work simple.

  1. Automatic

It is a web publishing software that is a platform that offers you online self-publishing.

  1. WalkMe

It is a company based on a digital adoption program which helps you to solve problems related to tech.

  1. IMedX

It is a revenue cycle management and works along with the groups of physicians.

  1. Gusto

It is a human resources software that is used for all kinds of businesses.

  1. Tradeshift

It is a supply chain payment software that is helping the business to connect with the dealers digitally.

  1. DataStax

It is a data management software that offers operational dependability and security to the web.

  1. Everbridge

It is a crisis management software that has created a scalable and reliable engine for emergency notification.

  1. discoverOrg

It is a business intelligence software that helps the business to cope up with trends of the market that are frequently changing.

  1. GFI software

It is an Aurea SMB solution based on network management and collaboration.

  1. Siteimprove

It is a digital analytics software company that aims in increasing the web accessibility and simplifying website management.

  1. Gainsight

It is a customer success management software that takes into account the customer base and ensures their success.

  1. Namely

It is a human resource software company that gives HR based solutions to mid-sized companies in America.

  1. Avature

It is human capital management and tracks the essential candidates to maintain a candidate relationship management system.

  1. Druva

It is a data management software company which includes data syncing platforms.

  1. Magic software enterprises

It is a system integration software company and was the core of online premise systems.

  1. ON24

This software company deals with virtual event management and has a strong video engagement.

  1. Centrify

It is a cybersecurity software that can keep your business environment safe.

  1. Looker

It is a data collection and analysis software dealing with business intelligence.

  1. SimilarWeb

It is a data analysis software which can offer you with unique tools for better understanding for the user of the site.

  1. Odoo

It is an enterprise resource planning which has the open-source software and is the beneficial open core model.

  1. Nintex

It is a workflow programming software company and focuses on improving the work of the people.

  1. Kyriba

It is a treasury management software that is cloud-based and connects to systems of data application.

  1. Sumo logic

It is a data analysis software company that depends on outside source applications.

  1. PayScale

It is a compensation and data software company which offers you the facility of comparing and tracking.

  1. Conga

It is a document management software company and provides you with the tools for reporting, document generation.

  1. Sisense

It is a business analytics software company and has an easy user interface for users.

  1. Socialbakers

It is a social media marketing software company and aids the organizations to develop understanding and optimize the advertisements.

  1. PagerDuty

It is an IT management software company that utilizes machine learning and automation to make the users aware of outages.

  1. Digital Ocean

It is a cloud computing software company that is used by entrepreneurs and small businesses to locate cost-effective market options.

  1. Liquid web

It is a web hosting software company and is based on cloud solutions for online stores, mobile, and web apps.

It’s a data management software company and a platform where self-service consumption is there along with automated control.

  1. Data bricks

It is a data analytics company for software which is an open-source framework for computing and gives the clients tailored cluster management.

  1. Service titan

It is a CRM software company that cloud-based software and develops mobile.

  1. BambooHR

It is a human resources software that helps the users to use an applicant tracking system for potential employees.

  1. Fastly

It is a cloud computing software which is a content delivery network to help the clients to create the websites quickly.

  1. Snap logic

It is a cloud integration software that is used in a business that is growing rapidly.

  1. Creatio

It is a business process management software company that utilizes the tools to know the needs of the customers and give the best ideas to serve them.

  1. Mendix

It is a low code development software that utilizes model-driven visual software to build, test, and deploy the apps.

  1. Asana

It is a work management software which helps the enterprises to track and manage projects.

  1. Board

It is a business intelligence software that is created to improve the businesses to scale production.

  1. Couchbase

It is a database software and permits the business to run any apps on the cloud.

  1. Tealium

It is a marketing software company and is specialized in the tag management system.

  1. Smartbear

It is an IT management software company that provides you with various tools like API readiness and code collaboration.

  1. Egnyte

It is a data management software that also provides you with the cloud platform.

  1. Lucid

It is a collaboration software company and has the goal to connect the clients to bring the ideas of theirs in life.

  1. Datorama

It is a marketing intelligence software company that uses AI technologies to permit the customers to get all their marketing data in a single place.

  1. Full contact

It is an identity management software company and gives you API solutions in real-time.

  1. Pipedrive

It is a sales enablement software and will upgrade the productivity of the business.

  1. Seismic

It is the data management software company that keeps the customer aware of the latest information in real-time. 

  1. ZoomInfo

It is a business information software company and is an integrated cloud-based platform.

  1. Talkdesk

It is a customer success software which is an end to end customer success platform.

  1. Clynt

It’s a piracy and compliance software company that is based on software monetization technology.

  1. Sales loft

It is a sales engagement software that builds connections between seller and buyer.

  1. Schoology

It is a learning management software that is of great consideration in the present times.

  1. Active campaign

It is a CRM software having a great feature of valuable marketing solutions.

  1. Collibra

It is a data governance and management software that is used to upgrade the revenues and operations.

  1. Justworks

It is a human resources software used for managing payrolls, compliance, and benefits.


It is a financial process software utilized for monitoring the cash flow for suppliers and clients.

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