The Future of the Automobile Industry in Bangladesh

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The vehicle industry in Bangladesh, all at once, is growing. We have a projected yearly demand of 30,000 devices for the guest vehicles amongst which brand new automobiles are adding 5,000 systems. The need for new cars is boosting as producers are currently supplying new generation, highly effective flexibility solutions throughout different customer segments.

Ratings Ltd. is the sole supplier of Mitsubishi Motors in Bangladesh. We have introduced almost all the versions made by Mitsubishi. Just recently we presented 2 new items, specifically Xpander and also Eclipse Cross. Xpander is a 7-seater utility lorry for family usage and also Eclipse Cross has actually been created to have the very best security functions available with dynamic dexterity as well as flight comfort (152 hp). Our cars are carefully tested in different roadway problems to ensure they measure up to the assured quality dedications.

It’s due time for the auto sector to enter the age of dynamic production. To do that we require to develop ahead as well as backward linkages. The significant challenges we face are lack of R&D, poor supply of locally established dependable components, lack of lasting need, and policy assistance and also inadequate accessibility to budget-friendly funding. By conquering these challenges, in the future, we can present products that will flaunt the “Made in Bangladesh” tag as well as deal with economical flexibility remedies to all consumer sections.

The auto market had condensed in 2018, remaining the very same throughout 2019. Presently, the choice for SUVs has dramatically boosted in the market. Since individuals are taking a trip across countries more often– to the outskirts of Dhaka city– they choose to take a trip in budget-friendly SUVs/Crossovers. Moreover, long time car individuals are thinking about an adjustment in their choice, diverting it to budget-friendly SUVs. On the other hand, the import of hybrid cars gets on the surge because of first investment/lower lifetime operating expense, gas effectiveness as well as better ecological impact.

Navana Limited imports both guest and commercial cars. The passenger car section ranges from a 1.3 L car to 4.6 L SUVs.

Toyota is associated with QDR: High Quality, Toughness, and Dependability. It’s the core item quality declaration of Toyota, accomplished via strenuous R&D. Bearing in mind the road and fuel problems of Bangladesh, Toyota has actually installed additional functions such as the harsh road plan in all the vehicles being imported to the South Asian area.

The scope of neighborhood production has to be stressed. The government is establishing different vehicle policies. We are enthusiastic about the federal government policies urging neighborhood production of vehicles. They will definitely contribute to conquering the hurdles the automobile industry is dealing with.

The vehicle industry is not expanding in Bangladesh in the manner in which it must thinking about the present per-capita revenue, GDP as well as the financial development of the nation. The price is still too high relative to the affordability of the people in the nation. Demand for all new vehicles is reduced as a result of greater prices compared to those for made use of automobiles.

Uttara Motors Ltd. is the sole supplier of SUZUKI vehicles in Bangladesh and also is the supplier of a strong automobile schedule beginning with entry-level hatchbacks to cars to SUVs. We do a thorough check of every single car upon receiving them. We likewise do comprehensive PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) before turning over the vehicle to the client.

Our existing personalized responsibility framework is not motivating for the automobile market. The lately presented SRO for the vehicle sector is an action in the ideal instructions but the problems in the SRO are not favorable for the sector. We feel a properly-organized plan needs to be in a position in order to draw in foreign direct and also a regional investment.

Uttara Motors has currently developed a two-wheeler factory with a manufacturing ability of around 2.5 lakh bikes. We additionally have a vehicle and bus framework constructing a plant in Chattogram. Now, we are intending to establish an automobile putting together plant in the future considering the recent federal government support we have obtained in this market.

Auto components market swells on the increasing need


The auto component market in Bangladesh has actually more than increased in an area of years driven by climbing cars and truck customers, stated industry people.

Importers bring in the engine, generator, radiator, air conditioner, suspension, brake pads, looter, edge, tyre, trim bundle, body components, to name a few spare components needed to offer the booming vehicle market.

The market size of automobile elements was about Tk 1,300 crore to Tk 1,400 crore last year with an annual development rate of 10 to 12 percent in the last decade, stated Mosharraf Hossain Manik, one of the significant importers.

The market size was not greater than Tk 500 crore one decade earlier, he stated.

” The market is not big contrasted to various other sectors, however, it is proliferating.”

Manik, additionally the proprietor of Junaid Business, said the marketplace for automotive spare parts is unorganized, so any kind of exact data regarding the market is not conveniently offered. Most of the importers bring reconditioned and also new car parts from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai as well as India, with Thailand and Indonesia being the major sources, he stated.

At the very least 200 investors import vehicle spare components, as well as most of them, have workshops, said Farhad Hossain, one more importer. Greater than 2,500 investors are associated with the part company. Hossain, the proprietor of The Implementers, claimed although the field is growing, no investor has the ability to set up plants to make extra parts.

However, he claimed, the light engineering field manufactures some vehicle parts but the amount is very low.

Mushfiqur Rahman, manager of Car Zone Bangladesh, stated spare parts of all sorts of motor cars are readily available on the market. Amongst the extra parts, 80 percent are for Toyota autos et cetera for various other brand names.

Rahman claimed consumers assume that only the extra parts of Toyota cars and trucks are offered in Bangladesh, however, the situation has actually transformed in the last decade as individuals make use of various brand names of automobiles.

The spare parts of lots of other brands are readily available in Bangladesh, he added.

Farzana Khan, deputy supervisor available for sale at Hyundai Motors Bangladesh Ltd, said the business intends to establish an automobile extra components and vehicle factory at its existing setting up plant in Kalurghat, Chattogram.

” We have actually gotten approval to develop the manufacturing plant to make auto spare parts and also automobiles.”

Why Auto-components Market is growing?


In Bangladesh, the auto-components market has actually experienced healthy and balanced development over the last few years. Because of the increase of auto customers, Market Expert claims the auto components market has more than increased mostly.

The auto-components market of Bangladesh has actually broadened by 10% to reach a level of Tk 1,400 crore in FY 2016-17.

A business-friendly policy over the vehicle market, the raised acquiring power, growing residential market, and an ever-rising number of the refurbished car have actually made Bangladesh a good destination for the automotive market.

Importers primarily import the engine, generator, radiator, ac unit, suspension, brake pads, spoiler, edge, tire, trim plan, body elements, and also various other extra components required to offer this market.

The yearly growth of this auto-components market was approximately 10% to 12% for the last years.

The marketplace for vehicle components is still messy, so any exact information about the sector is not readily offered.

The majority of the importers fetch replaced and also brand-new vehicle parts from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai as well as India. At the very least 200 investors import automobile spare components and also a lot of them have workshops. Greater than 2,500 traders are associated with the organization of the parts.

All most, all kinds of spare parts of various motor cars are offered in Bangladesh. Among the spare components, 80% are for Toyota automobiles et cetera for various other brand names.

Road Ahead

The quickly globalizing globe is opening up more recent avenues for the transportation sector, particularly while it makes a change in the direction of crossbreed cars and trucks, which are regarded as extra efficient, reputable, and secure modes of transportation.

Over the next years, this will certainly lead to more recent verticals as well as chances for auto-components importers, who would require to adapt to the adjustment by means of residential need.

Bangladesh auto-components importers are well-positioned to take advantage of the globalization of the field as manufacturing potential.

Beginning an Automobile Parts Organization in Bangladesh

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Just how to Begin a Vehicle Components Service in Bangladesh

This is an outstanding method to earn money starting a vehicle parts business in Bangladesh Likewise, you can begin used auto components selling business to avoid older auto parts ending up in garbage dumps. In addition, you can aid individuals that can not pay for new vehicle components to keep their automobiles in functioning problem to assist the atmosphere.

Besides, you require to impress consumers with the top quality, price, as well as solution at your store to order a share of the extra component’s service. Additionally, strategy to scope out your competition and also make several crucial decisions regarding service procedures as you get ready for the opening up day. You need to be prepared to lead as well as capture your part of the market from the easy decisions to significant ones.

A Review of Starting a Car Components Company in Bangladesh

Among the crucial sectors in Bangladesh is an auto components service. Because there is a rising number of lorries in the nation and also extremely crucial for the lorry owners, this is. No matter its supplier at a long time every lorry needs substitute components.

The extra parts company in Bangladesh is not just extremely affordable however financially rewarding also. Because there are many more used cars than new cars and trucks in the country, the sector is expanding. For fixings and also servicing, countless Taka is spent on vehicle upkeep. Although you need deep expertise in vehicle parts, the market is fairly easy to sign up with. Likewise, fitting certain vehicles, you have to tighten your option of parts. Most importantly, this is a terrific service concept in Bangladesh starting vehicle components service.

Steps to Start an Automobile Parts Service in Bangladesh.

Funding, sourcing the vehicle components, and locate a good area are the most vital and crucial needs that involve the startup of a car parts business in Bangladesh. There are a few legal structures as well as permits to develop business. On the other hand, if you intend to get success after that you need to check your supply, control capital as well as establish repeat customers. Currently, let’s know the steps in brief information to start an auto components service in Bangladesh.

Make a Car Parts Business Strategy

Making a plan for an automobile components service is not only the first step yet one of the most essential steps. You’ll need to contain every one of your service associated points in the strategy. These include start-up financing, sourcing resources, advertising and marketing, and place.

Additionally, you should plan to the target demography, team incomes, and also future estimates. If you want to recognize your competitors, services, prices, as well as advertising and marketing approach, you need to perform expediency research. In addition, you may require to execute some surveys for various functions. So, if you intend to achieve success in your business, you should make a well-balanced service plan.

Place of the Vehicle Parts Organization

You require to comply with the zoning formula in lots of nations as well as in Bangladesh also. If it’s based with a couple of rivals, a great location is close to your clients. You have to make sure not only the presence of your shop but close to hefty automotive and also pedestrian web traffic likewise. So, you need to prepare to handle a big supply of parts with a large storage room. It depends entirely on the dimension and also the range of the business what the variety of teams you’ll work with. So, there is no alternative to picking a better place for a company of auto spare parts in case of success.

Do Some Paper Job

You can register your business either as a restricted responsibility company or a single proprietorship business. Additionally, you require to get a professional certificate as well as a tax obligation identification number together with other neighborhood needs. If you comply with zoning demands, you’ll obtain all the required paper works that you need. Likewise, there may undergo value-added tax a few of your supply. As paper jobs are important, you can’t begin your business without them. Yet, there is one more alternative that’s you can speak with your lawyer if you’re not knowledgeable about these terms.

Find Supply Sources

It depends upon your company plan what the sort of extra components you supply, for instance, you might choose to equip only new parts or utilized extra parts. Likewise, this is our referral that you make stocking both brand-new and also pre-owned components. But, offer your customers full disclosure as well as guarantee them to know specifically what they are acquiring. So, what you need to do is that discuss the cost distinction, merits, as well as demerits of used and also new parts.

The best sources of spare components are that originated from the foreign markets, such as China for brand-new and also junkyards for used ones. If you go to the extra component suppliers, they’ll invite you as new wholesalers as well as suppliers. And also purchasing used cars and ditching is an additional excellent resource for made use of components.

Promote the Auto Components Organization

As it’s stated that you require an ideal area to bring in customers. However, promoting or advertising and marketing is an additional good way to spread that you’re with auto components business in Bangladesh. You might print some going to cards as well as maintain them with you wherever you go and also disperse them to your possible clients as well as loved ones who will certainly offer your clients. Additionally, you can use banners, festoons, leaflets, etc

Apart from these promoting approaches, you can make use of on-line sources to attract more customers. As it’s the days of the internet, several lorry owners and auto mechanics are resorting to the web to discover components. So, start a blog site in order to increase your online representation.

Offer Top Quality Parts

You have to provide high-quality extra parts to grow the business-differentiate. Although quality components bring in higher costs prices are durable, they’re a far better choice than low-quality cheap parts. This is because it’s difficult to discover as well as bring in premium rates. Additionally, it constantly needs replacement of the high volume parts, as an example, windshield wipers, side mirrors, bulbs, spark plugs, antifreeze, as well as filters.

Apart from the above steps relating to starting a car parts company, you can do some even more actions are listed below:

  • Making the jobs very easy, utilize franchising
  • Offer Both Wholesale/Retail
  • Build an Inventory
  • Offer Delivery Solution
  • Obtain an insurance policy

Overall Dimension of Bangladesh Car Parts Market


The automobile components market has more than increased in a race of years driven by rising automobile users in our country. Importers primarily import the engine, generator, radiator, air conditioner, suspension, brake pads, spoiler, edge, tire, trim package, body parts, as well as various other extra components needed to serve this market.

The market dimension of vehicle parts had to do with Tk 1,300 crore to Tk 1,400 crore in 2015. The annual growth price of this market was 10 to 12% for the last ten years.

The market size was not greater than Tk 500 crore ten years ago. Nonetheless, this market is proliferating as a result of the surge of using refurbished automobiles when traveling.

Bangladesh is an undeniable growth area for reconditioned automobiles for the last decades. Presently, the marketplace dimension for reconditioned vehicles is around Tk 5,000 cr. Yearly the size of the marketplace is enhancing by 15 to 20%.

Around 65 refurbished automobiles on a regular basis sold in Bangladesh, which is the highest possible in the nation’s history. Barvida claims around 20,149 reconditioned cars offered in the FY 2016-17.

There has been a large enter the getting capacity of the middle class. The lack of typical public transportation in Dhaka and also the affordable rate of cars and trucks are additional reasons for the boost.

Market Experts said the market for vehicle extra parts is unstructured, so any kind of specific information about the industry is not readily available.

A lot of the importers bring refurbished and also brand-new vehicle parts from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai, and also India. Nonetheless, Thailand and Indonesia are the major sources.

A minimum of 200 traders import auto spare parts and a lot of them have workshops organization right here in Bangladesh. Greater than 2,500 traders are associated with this automobile element service.

The light engineering market produces some automobile components yet the amount is really reduced. Nonetheless, all sort of extra parts of motor cars is available on the market.

Motivations, large tax obligation cuts proposed for the car market

automobile industry incentives 0

The sectors ministry has actually recommended huge tax cuts and other incentives to car assemblers as well as components makers to improve local production.

It additionally wants a rise in import task on automobile components, and also tax exemptions to regional as well as foreign firms buying the production of cars, buses, vehicles as well as three-wheelers.

In a quote to make the financial investment chance much more rewarding to foreign financiers, a draft of the care plan suggests supplying them a 100% profit repatriation center.

Just recently released by the ministry, the draft Automobile Market Development Policy 2020 also points out a 100% duty exception for companies importing funding machinery, as well as other devices to set up full knock-down (CKD) car and also components manufacturing facilities locally.

The suggested policy is taking Bangladesh’s arising economic situation and the demands of its huge population into consideration as well as focusing on the local production of buses, trucks, auto-rickshaws– and their parts– along with the production of environment-friendly electric vehicles and development of proficient manpower for this purpose.

In the proposal, the federal government establishes a target to in your area manufacture 30% -50% of auto-rickshaws, buses and also vehicles within the following ten years beginning with 2021.

Speaking with The Business Requirement, Industries Priest Nurul Majid Mahmud claimed, “Pragati Industries will certainly produce automobiles in Bangladesh with assistance from the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan.”

” Japanese auto giant Toyota has also expressed its passion for investing in this sector. Furthermore, there is a possibility that different nations including India and China will certainly invest in Bangladesh. Nitol Niloy Group and also some other regional financiers are interested also,” he added.

” We have actually released the draft policy– prepared with support from Japan– in a proposal to use such possibilities,” the minister continued.

Data from the Bangladesh Investment Growth Authorities shows that the country’s auto market has the opportunity of safeguarding around $5 billion in investment, and also giving employment possibility for 15 lakh individuals.

If the plan is authorized, the government will provide special incentives to establish constructing and making factories for creating auto, industrial vehicles– such as three-wheelers, trucks, tractors, and also buses– and their parts.

A factory production parts, which are alternative to imported ones, will get 7 to eight years of tax holiday.

Auto sector financiers will obtain special discounts on import task and exemption on taxes if they invest 1% of their yearly turnover for research and development. The capitalists will also obtain tax benefits on funding machinery imports for establishing self-dependent auto manufacturing facilities.

The federal government will certainly encourage firms to purchase producing electrical automobiles, batteries and establishing billing terminals. Bangladesh will likewise develop a fund to support getting innovation for this objective.

The draft plan, even more, mentions a development fund for car parts making. The fund will certainly be made use of to sustain firms in manufacturing such components.

The business community involved in this field believes that if implemented correctly, the motivations, as well as facilities proposed in the plan, will certainly make a favorable influence in raising international and also neighborhood financial investment in Bangladesh’s vehicle market.

They added that organization individuals have been asking the federal government for such a plan for more than a decade.

Welcoming the business pleasant plan, PHP Automobiles Handling Supervisor Mohammed Akther Parvez claimed, “It is a contemporary policy to improve the neighborhood cars sectors.”

” If the policy is applied, our people will no more require to ride in old cars. We will certainly also no longer require to import second-hand autos. We will be able to use brand new made-in-Bangladesh automobiles,” he included.

He proceeded, “For producing a new car and truck, we need 8,332 kinds of extra components. If neighborhood makers gain from this policy, thousands of spare parts manufacturing facilities will be developed in Bangladesh, which will certainly play a large function in an extra dynamic economic climate.”

At The Same Time, Nitol Niloy Team Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad claimed, “Bangladesh’s automobile field has generated passion amongst international and also regional capitalists. The execution of the settled policy will certainly increase financial investment in this market.”

He continued, “We have currently started to build a plant to manufacture electric vehicles in Kishoreganj. But work has been put on hold in the meantime because of the Covid-19 situation.”

” When the situation improves, as well as a lot more immigrants begin showing up in the nation, the project will progress at full speed. We will certainly be able to generate automobiles within the following two years,” he included.

A regional company called Bangladesh Automobile Industries Ltd (BOND) took the initiative to develop an auto manufacturing facility in Chattogram last year. The company will at first spend $200 million in the manufacturing facility– to be improved 100 acres of land in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar.

The company’s Managing Supervisor Mir Masud Kabir told Business Requirement, “We are intending to spend $1 billion in the plant within the following 5 years.”

BOND will make two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars, hatchbacks, and also sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and also has strategies to create pick-ups, mini-trucks, and multi-purpose automobiles.

According to the BAIL website, it will certainly make modern lithium-ion powered Electric Automobiles (EV), bikes, three-wheelers, vehicles, SUVs, microbuses as well as mini vehicles. The cost of EVs will be budget-friendly and also practically 50% less than that of imported pre-owned vehicles.

According to markets ministry officials, at a meeting in 2015, the Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ito Naoki educated Industries Preacher Nurul Majid of Toyota’s passion for spending at the Japan Economic Zone of Narayanganj.

The ambassador also advised that Bangladesh create a practical policy for its auto industry. Acting on the suggestion, the sectors ministry started preparing the draft policy.

Ito Naoki once again communicated Toyota’s interest in becoming a financier in the country’s automobile market to Business Minister Tipu Munshi at one more meeting in September this year.

Information from the neighborhood research study organization LightCastle reveals that Bangladesh’s automobile market was worth less than Tk500 crore 10 years earlier, however reached Tk1,400 crore in 2019.